Explanation of 4 New Variants in Loki’s Mid Credit Scene!

loki midcred

The latest episode of the Loki series brings a big surprise at the end of the story, where Loki is shown “dead” after his fight against Ravonna Renslayer.

However, what was unexpected was that when Sylvie thought that Loki was dead, it turned out to be the opposite. Loki isn’t dead yet and he wakes up in an alternate timeline containing other Loki variants.

Episode 4, entitled “The Nexus Event” shows how Loki and Sylvie finally managed to survive the planet Lamentis-1. It is thanks to the “connection” that occurs between them that Mobius can then save them.

What’s interesting is that Mobius must be exterminated after knowing the truth. And at the end of the story, Loki meets 4 other variants. Who are they?

Old Loki

The WandaVision series had featured references to the character Wanda and also the classic version of Vision, in one episode where they dressed up in costumes for a Halloween party.

The Loki series is now doing the same, featuring actor Richard E. Grant as Old Loki. Although Old Loki’s character costume looks more ridiculous, compared to what Loki is wearing in the main timeline, it’s actually an iconic costume.

Using a costume that is dominated by green and gold colors, as well as the horns on his helmet, Old Loki really brings memories to Marvel Comics fans.

In the comic Journey Into Mystery #85 Loki is told trapped in a tree where he was confined there for years by the gods. Loki can be free if anyone feels sad for his loss.

Because no one has ever felt sorry for or lost Loki, he ended up doing something underhanded. Loki made leaves fall on Heimdall’s head, one of which hit his eye.

And finally, technically Loki was freed by Heimdall’s falling tears. Loki was trying to take revenge on the figure who had imprisoned him: Thor. Presenting the figure of Old Loki is certainly an interesting reference and the right choice.

Kid Loki

It’s not strange, of course, in the comic world, a character is reborn. This seems to have become one of the core parts of his character. Loki is one of them.

Marvel Comics has often presented various versions of Loki, including Kid Loki. Born in Midgard, aka Earth, his figure has no memory of his past.

Missing his brother and wanting to bring him back to Asgard, Thor finds Loki in the form of a little boy named Serrure. Everyday, Serrure works by tricking people with the tricks he plays. In the end, Thor managed to restore the memories of Kid Loki as well as his true identity.

Kid Loki himself tries to be a good figure by fighting with Thor. And his appearance in episode 4 yesterday, could be adapted from the comic story.

Loki mid credit

Boastful Loki/Hammer Loki

There is still not much information known about this variant of Loki. Most likely this is one of the original characters presented in the series.

This Boastful Loki is seen holding a kind of hammer, which if then it is Mjolnir in the timeline version, it means that this Loki variant is the ruler of the Asgard region, and not Thor.

Considering how many times Loki has tried to kill his brother, it can be assumed that other Loki’s have done the same thing to Thor in their respective universes. And Boastful Loki might be the only one or maybe one that works. It is also possible that Thor in the universe died and passed the hammer on to Hammer Loki/Boastful Loki.

What’s interesting is that the hammer that looks like Mjolnir is not like a hammer. This “Mjolnir” hammer is made from a combination of a wrench and pieces of railroad tracks or iron poles.

Crocodile Loki

One of Loki’s abilities is shapeshifting. He had disguised himself as Odin, before Thor realized it. He also disguised himself as Captain America.

It looks like this MCU version of Loki can not only turn into a humanoid or in human form, but also an animal. There is a story that Loki once turned into a snake to trick Thor.

So this Crocodile Loki figure may be a variant version of Loki trapped in an animal form. What’s interesting is that this is also likely to be one of the original characters from the series.

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