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Get to Know Starro, the Villain in The Suicide Squad!

DC, The Suicide Squad

The film The Suicide Squad will tell the story of a group of super villains who are forcibly captured by the government to carry out what they consider to be a suicide mission.

The film is a separate sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad, and will return to feature several actors and characters, such as Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

During his split from Marvel and Disney, James Gunn was appointed by DC to direct and write the Suicide Squad sequel, and his filming was one of the factors that pushed back Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after rejoining Marvel and Disney.

In March, The Suicide Squad released its first trailer. In the trailer, you can see a giant purple star creature which hints that Starro will take on an evil role in this film.

Starro the Conqueror is a mysterious alien creature that is a combination of two alien species, parasites and psychics. Because of this, Starro is able to control humans by using spores that look like starfish.

Starro was originally a villain the Justice League had to deal with, and his encounter with the Suicide Squad was their first. The trailer shows that Starro is the reason why the Suicide Squad was sent to Corto Maltese, because with them the mission costs are relatively cheaper and even if they die there is no problem.

The enormous Starro is capable of destroying structures and hitting anyone who gets in his way. Starro is seen in the promotional poster for The Thinker character who can use telepathy, so it looks like Starro will also have that ability.

It’s likely The Thinker was recruited by the Suicide Squad to help the others stop Starro. Starro also seems very suitable for the bold genre shown by James Gunn’s chosen character, plus a thick retro feel.

The Suicide Squad movie isn’t the first time James Gunn has shown an interest in extraterrestrial threats. In addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Gunn also made his debut with a parasitic alien film called Slither.

Starro is a quirky antagonist that fits perfectly into the lineup of a quirky protagonist as well. Looks like Starro will make this film even more interesting, as promised by The Suicide Squad so far.

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