Marvel ‘Shang-Chi’ Where Did the Ten Rings Come From?


After a long wait, the movie Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings is officially released in cinemas. The movie itself tells about the figure of Xu Shang-Chi who is a descendant of the extraordinary figure Wenwu. He is endowed with extraordinary powers, but what stands out the most is his martial arts abilities that have made him one of the new Avengers in the MCU.

As the name implies, we are also introduced to the Ten Rings in the form of a bracelet worn by Wenwu. This item that possessed magical power had been in Wenwu’s hands for thousands of years. Thanks to that thing, Wenwu then succeeded in destroying various kingdoms and conquering various territories and establishing an organization known as the Ten Rings. However, what exactly was Wenwu using? Where does it come from?

Ten Rings Comic Version

In the Marvel Comics story, it is explained that the magical object is not actually a ring but a technology created by an alien race in the form of a dragon named Makluan. Each cylinder holds the souls of long-dead cosmic warriors. The cosmic object then reached Earth when a Makluan explorer, Axonn-Karr, carried it on his starship.

Axonn-Karr then has to escape to a cave in the Valley of Spirits in China after he was previously attacked by local residents who were afraid of his arrival. The Mandarin himself then found the wrecked Axonn-Karr ship and he took the cylindrical object. The Mandarin ignored Axonn-Karr’s warning asking him not to touch him and took him.

Because it looks like a ring, in the end The Mandarin uses it like a ring. He put on 10 fingers of his hand. After using this object, The Mandarin gains tremendous power. However, on the other hand, his own mind is then controlled by the souls trapped in the ring. Each ring has a name: Remaker, Influence, Spin, Spectral, Nightbringer, Daimonic, Incandescence, Lightning, Zero, and The Liar.

Each of these rings also has extraordinary abilities. For example, it can make the surrounding air into a toxic gas. Or even make the surrounding air into a solid material that is used to hit the enemy. And what’s interesting is that there are 10 different people who have this ring after being owned by The Mandarin.


Ten Rings MCU Version

Unlike the comic version, for the MCU version it is still unknown where Wenwu’s bracelet came from. As mentioned in the narrative at the beginning of the film, there are various legends regarding the bracelet. Some said that Wenwu found it under a crater and others said that Wenwu found it from a mysterious place.

In terms of form, the MCU version is very different. In the comic version, this object is a cylinder that looks like a ring, while in the MCU version it looks more like a bracelet. Meanwhile, in terms of strength, for the MCU version, there are no special strengths possessed by each bracelet. The MCU really gives the Ten Rings very different abilities.

Most of his powers have connections with powerful energies. For example, Wenwu was able to create a shield or shield from the energy the Ten Rings produced. Ten Rings can also be used like a yoyo or boomerang, where when thrown, the bracelet will return to its owner. In essence, the MCU really distinguishes the strength of the MCU version of the Ten Rings from the comic version.

Eternals Creations?

There is an interesting information that appears in the mid-credit scene. After Katy and Shang were summoned by Wong, they then discussed the Ten Rings with Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers. According to Wong, the Ten Rings were not on the list of magical items recorded in his book. However, it was the statements from Carol and Bruce that later gave rise to various assumptions.

Carol said that she couldn’t find the object in outer space, but the material was similar to ordinary objects in outer space. Bruce Banner then added that in terms of material, the object has been around for more than 1000 years. This is what then raises the assumption that the Ten Rings could be made from the Eternals, especially Phastos.

As explained in the last trailer for the Eternals film, they have been on earth for a long time. In fact, they are the ones who helped the development of human civilization on earth. The trailer shows how Sersi helps humans by fertilizing the soil or bringing water for irrigation purposes. That is one of Sersi’s strengths.

One of the other Eternals, Phastos, is known as the Eternals who often make weapons or equipment, as shown in the comics. Even though he is an inventor and his tools are used for the purposes of developing human civilization, it is not impossible that he also makes very powerful magical items, although it is still unknown for what purpose.

The statement from Carol and Bruce earlier can be a strong clue to this. Another clue is how the light from the Ten Rings when used by Shang-Chi is very similar to the light that is characteristic of the power of the Eternals. Of course it would be very interesting if then Ten Rings was indeed made by the Etenals. What is the purpose of the Ten Rings? Why then can the Ten Rings be in Wenwu’s hands? Did it mean that Wenwu had met the Eternals? These questions might be answered in the film Eternals, which will be released next November.

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