What Are Weasel’s Real Powers in The Suicide Squad?

sean gunn weasel

James Gunn’s upcoming film The Suicide Squad, introduces the rather odd character Weasel to moviegoers.

Weasel first appeared in Gerry Conway and Rafael Kayanan’s The Fury of Firestorm #35 in 1985.

At first he was just an ordinary human named John Monroe, but he became a cruel and insane killer by adopting the identity and costume of a weasel. Under this guise, he terrorized Vandemeer University, where he worked as a teacher.

Then in the comic reboot The New 52 in 2011, Weasel wasn’t just a man in a costume, his character became much more like an animal.

It was previously confirmed that Weasel in The Suicide Squad will be more in line with the concept of The New 52. He will be played by Sean Gunn and rendered entirely with CGI.

In the latest trailer for The Suicide Squad, other members of Task Force X debate his true nature. And continued with Rick Flag’s words which revealed that Weasel was not dangerous even though he had killed 27 small children.

Weasel has the ability to deceive himself so that he has no physical limitations, almost the same as Kevin Wendell Crumb’s character in the film Split.

weasel suicide squad

He is quite fast and agile, able to jump with great heights and distances. He is also strong and skilled enough to fight with his bare hands, although he also uses sharp claws. He often uses these claws to immobilize his victims, including the character who will also be in The Suicide Squad later, namely The Thinker.

In its revised form, the Weasel is equipped with an additional weapon in the form of canines, which gives it many methods of attack and assassination.

Regardless, he remains a joke in the eyes of other DC Comics characters. Thus, the stupid attitude he has shown so far, could be the real danger that Weasel has, he is only pretending to be stupid and will show his horror at the right time.

The claws haven’t been seen in The Suicide Squad trailer yet, but Weasel could have abilities like Wolverine, who pulls and pulls them back at will when attacking his enemy.

Plus, Blackguard, played by Pete Davidson, believes that Weasel may actually be a werewolf. Whatever it is, all will be revealed when The Suicide Squad releases in early August.

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