Who is the Mastermind Behind Project Starfish in The Suicide Squad?

The newly returned Task Force X team must face a massive threat that could destroy the world, as shown in the latest trailer for director James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

In the trailer, Amanda Waller, the operations leader, asks the team to destroy all traces of a project called “Project Starfish.”

Given that this dangerous project is capable of posing a major threat to the world, the question then becomes whether Starro will attack the earth independently?

Are all these things the result of failed engineering? Or is it another effort to protect the earth that has become the master’s weapon? Who is responsible for this?

Here is a list of names that might be responsible for this horrific event.

Amanda Waller

This is certainly not the first time Amanda Waller has used the services of the Suicide Squad to “clean up” the mess she created.

In the previous Suicide Squad film, Amanda used the Enchantress to become a weapon to protect against evil metahuman attacks.

However, the opposite happened, Enchatress became a threat to the world and had to use the services of the Suicide Squad to solve the problem.

If someone is suspected of being the person behind Project Starfish, Amanda Waller could be one of the names that has the potential to be responsible for it.

Maybe this is also the reason why Amanda then ordered the new Task Force X to destroy all traces of the project – maybe even the members of Task Force X were in danger.

Silvio Luna

Silvio Luna is the president and leader of Corto Maltese.

In the trailer, it is shown that Silvio Luna looks amazed and frightened to see a giant tank in Jotunheim, which is where Starro is stored.

Since Corto Maltese can’t rule the world by relying on military power, then maybe Silvio Luna is looking for another way, using metahumans as his weapon.

A power-hungry figure like Silvio Luna would certainly be interested in having something as powerful as Starro.

the thinker suicide squad

The Thinker

In the latest Suicide Squad trailer, the Maltese military led by Silvio Luna stares in awe at the aquarium containing Starro, and the Thinker is one of the people there.

In the previous trailer, the Thinker had not been part of Task Force X. Based on that, it is possible that he was responsible for the chaos of Project Starfish – either by creating Starro or by capturing him.

One poster shows the Thinker being surrounded by Starro’s spores, which seems to confirm that there is a deep connection between the two.

If the Thinker was a prisoner of the Maltese government rather than volunteering for them, the Thinker might have been forced to take or communicate with Starro, given his mind control and telepathic abilities.

The goal is none other than controlling and then becoming Starro as a weapon.



Given the intelligence possessed by Starro, it is possible that he himself was the mastermind of Project Starfish.

Instead of being captured, Starro may have been deliberately captured and then used the spores that became his powers to control the minds of the Maltese government and its scientists – including the Thinker.

Silvio luna and Mateo Suarez may at first think that Starro is in his control. However, what happened was the opposite.

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